Celebrate (Unofficial) National Beef Tallow Day With the Healthy Fats Coalition on July 13

Jumping the gun by a full year, the Healthy Fats Coalition today announced the establishment of National Beef Tallow Day, effective July 13, 2018.  

Timed to coincide with National French Fry Day – also observed on July 13 -- National Beef Tallow Day is a celebration of a traditional healthy animal fat, pure beef tallow shortening, that is now enjoying a resurgence within America’s food culture, in restaurants, fast food operations and home kitchens.  National Beef Tallow Day will be observed in the U.S. and Canada, and will be listed in the next edition of Chase’s Calendar of Events.

“The time is right for National Beef Tallow Day,” said Ernest Miller, Corporate Chef for Coast Packing Company, the leading supplier of animal fat shortenings in the Western U.S. and principal organizer of the HFC.  “Artificial trans fats are out, and minimally processed animal fats like beef tallow -- for superior French fries and a host of other cooking and frying applications – are making a comeback. The color, texture and flavor that beef tallow imparts make it a vastly superior alternative to heavily processed, industrially produced substitutes.  Minimally processed animal fats belong in the kitchen, at restaurants and at home.  On ‘Unofficial’ National Beef Tallow Day, taste the difference yourself!”